Non-Filed Tax Returns

The IRS’s computer system is becoming more advanced every day, and it could be a matter of time before they catch up with you. Failing to file your taxes can lead to criminal prosecution for each year not filed- jailtime that lasts one year per unpaid return!

Just because you haven’t filed your taxes in a few years doesn’t mean that the IRS is going to stop calling. We can help provide peace of mind by getting you back on track with voluntary compliance and avoiding more serious penalties down the road like interest charges, or worse yet seizing assets.

The IRS is a part of the government that takes taxes from Americans and can be very intimidating. The wait time for your returns to get filed will depend on how complicated they are, but there’s no guarantee you’ll receive all deductions owed to you in the process.

Getting your taxes filed can be a complicated process. The first step is to determine if you are current on all the returns that have not been yet submitted, and then we will set out plans for getting you up-to-date with any outstanding payments or penalties.

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